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  • Runs on both Linux & Windows
    Runs on both Linux & Windows
  • Unlimited Users for No Extra Cost
    Unlimited Users for No Extra Cost
  • Web-Based And Can Be Installed Onsite or Hosted Online
    Web-Based And Can Be Installed Onsite or Hosted Online

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Savings Plus Features

Savings Plus Features

Savings Plus© is a Banking/microfinance and sacco software that handles financial records and statements, banking transactions (deposits, withdrawals), loans, and many other records for Savings and Credit Co-Operatives (SACCOS) of any size. It comprises of eleven key modules (Savings, Shares, Loans, Chart of accounts, Expenses, Fixed Assets Registry, SMS Banking, Receivables, Investments, Payables and Income) which make the management and tracking of savings and loans easy plus other complementary modules that make Savings Plus even more useful and easy to use. It also generates all reports that are relevant to the management of a SACCO both for internal and external reporting. It is registered and approved by CGAP – World Bank.

The modules of Savings Plus© are:

Loans Portfolio Management

  • Ability to create thousands of loan products and categorise them per industry, purpose, length of loan period and income of the target groups.
  • Loan application, approval, collateral, Loan Guarantors and disbursement with the ability to give each borrower, special consideration in as far as interest rate, penalty rate, loan period.
  • Automatic interest calculation of interest (Flat rate, Declining Balance, Armotisation), and penalty calculation
  • Group/Member lending, and ability to track individual’s and group’s portfolio

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Internet Banking

  • Clients can access their loans, shares, savings statements from any where in the world as long as they have internet access.
  • Clients can access the loan calculator and Scheduler online
  • Clients are able to apply for loans right from their account. The systems advises them about the products available and how much they can borrow based on their savings, shares, and loan balances
  • Clients can send comments/inquiries and management replies to them and vise-versa

Savings & Shares Mgt

  • Managing thousands of savings products (compulsory savings, fixed deposits, free savings, etc) and defining their attributes such as interest rate, opening balance, minimum balance, maturity period, transactional and monthly ledger fees, etc.
  • Awarding interest periodically.
  • With-Holding Tax on Interest automatic calculation
  • Automatic and triggered loan repayments from member’s savings
  • Payment to any other account from savings
  • Purchase and transfer of shares, sharing dividends

General Ledger

  • Tracking loans and accounts payable, and their installment payments
  • Fixed asset registry with automatic depreciation, and provision to sell them
  • Reserve funds and provision to transfer to payable accounts.
  • Tracking receivables and their corresponding collections
  • Tracks expenses and any other incomes from all sources
  • A list of transactions on any account in any period defined
  • The general Ledger is linked with Client's accounts ensuring accurancy and availability of financial reports when needed.

Customisable Chart of Accounts

The chart of accounts presents an easy and customisable hierarchy of categorized accounts from the top level accounts such as assets, liabilities, expenses, income and equity to finer details of specific accounts. The ability to create and define your own accounts under the above categories makes this module a joy to use. Each account is linked to the General Ledger, guaranteeing that the financial statements are always ready at any time.

ATM Connectivity

  • Can connect to IRIS ATMs by BSD Socket Interface and IRIS ATM API
  • Compatible with the IRIX Operating System since Savings Plus can run on UNIX Operating Systems
  • Written in C Programming Language in which the IRIS ATM API is also written

Forex & Stock Mgt

  • Buying of Foreign Currencies
  • Selling of foreign currencies
  • Automatic capture of profit realised on each sell
  • Buying and selling of other stock

Security & Audit

  • Encrypted passwords
  • User-views and access levels
  • SSL Certificate for Internet Banking
  • Audit Trail for users
  • Expiring sessions for users

Payroll Module

  • Tracking employees’ details
  • Salary, allowances and deductions management


Savings Plus comes with hundreds of reports that include Portfolio, Savings, Shares, General Ledger, Audit Trail, Financial Statements, etc. The portfolio reports include Ageing reports, whose ranges are user defined.

SMS Banking


  • Clients can access their loan, shares, savings balances and other accounts related info on their phone
  • SMS Alerts are automatically sent to a borrower, when their respective loan is approved, and later on disbursed.
  • A client receives a transactional SMS Alert when a deposit or withdrawal is made to their respective account
  • Inquiries and comments can also be sent by SMS, replied to by the bank’s personnel
  • The SMS cost can be automatically billed from the savings account of an individual
  • Source of income for the Institution if more than the cost of the SMS is billed on the account holders account.

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Online & Offline Branch Reconciliation

Online & Offline Branch Reconciliation